A Story of Day & Night


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The people of Earth are weary––one side has been cursed with never-ending light; the other side with never-ending darkness. Two young maidens––Lunaria, from the dark side; Raycindia, from the light side––were bequeathed a unique book from their grandmothers, and they were told they were destined for great things.

Lunaria and Raycindia meet on the Border of Light and Dark, and realize their quest is the same––to seek out the wise woman, Zemia. She is alleged to be the last of the people from Ancient Earth, and the stories the maidens had read said she would be able to help them to end Earth’s curse.

Lunaria and Raycindia soon realize that meeting Zemia is just the beginning of their quest. They embark upon a perilous journey where they come face to face with the diabolical fiends that pay homage to Bulshrieka, the one responsible for the curse. To end the misery for the people of Earth, the maidens must be more courageous than ever before.

Will good overcome evil? Will the people of Earth ever be happy again? These questions can only be answered within the pages of––A Story of Day and Night!

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