From The Heart


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Mary’s short stories are a fictional smorgasbord, with a twist of real life in them. From something as simple as a child’s shoe on the road, which produced the story of “Rodney,” to a joke between Mary and her husband about the necessity of having a cat, which produced the story “Oh, Henry,” to some of her parent’s misadventures, which produced stories like: “The Graveyard” and “Remember When,” to a more serious side of Mary as she wrote such stories as “Sahar” for Remembrance Day. Mary’s stories have warmth and humour to them that will make you want to keep returning for more. Mary also decided it was time to resurrect the serial story, and her mysteries, like “The Gardeners” will have you catching your breath as you turn the pages.

Original publication 2009

Second Edition publication 2019

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