Night’s Betrayals

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“Night’s Betrayals” opens a can of worms for the vampire leader, Count Basarab Musat, and it is one that will not be so easily dealt with…

Santan, Basarab’s son, after receiving an anonymous letter detailing his father’s deceit, fled to his birthplace, Brantford, to seek out his love, Mia…

Samara, the temptress, while grieving the loss of her betrothed, Ákos, seeks solace in the arms of her lover, Lajos, but she is not the only one Lajos is in bed with…

Mia, who is in love with Santan, heir to the vampire throne … to what extent will she go to ensure she sits by his side…

Ildiko, still stinging from Basarab’s constant rejection of making her his queen, decides to find another route to the throne…

Dracula has sat in Basarab’s shadow long enough––after all, he should be the true leader of the vampire world, and it is time…

Basarab learns of the deceit and betrayals under his roof. Plus a murder, and Basarab’s promise to bring the culprit to vampire justice. Little does the count know what that is going to mean…

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6 reviews for Night’s Betrayals

  1. Lynn Cushnie

    This is an excellent vampire series – looking forward to the next book!
    Lynn Cushnie

  2. June Armstrong

    I expect this book to be no less than a five star! I have enjoyed the other four in this series and have been anxiously awaiting this book!
    June Armstrong

  3. Johanna Catherine McKenzie

    Lovely continuation of a serial … love all the books and enjoyed the fact that the stories in this series were about my hometown.
    Johanna Catherine McKenzie

  4. Nancy Woodcock

    My friend Kathi and I have all the vampire series. We have been waiting for this last book with bated breath. I knew this release was coming, thanks for the FB page – hope there will be more books in this series!
    Nancy Woodcock

  5. Brenda White

    Have immensely enjoyed the “Night’s Vampire Series” from the setting, characters, and story. Very difficult to put down once started. Looking forward to the newest edition!
    Brenda White

  6. Kathi Martin

    I have enjoyed reading the series very much and could hardly wait for the new book. Mary, you came a long way, and I am so glad for you.
    Kathi Martin

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