Night’s Children, Hard Cover Edition


Hard Cover Edition

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Virginia has escaped her year-long imprisonment with her son, Santan. She hopes to raise him to be a good, moral man. Santan, however, is sensitive to sunlight, and he has trouble with solid food. He is the half-human, half-vampire child of Virginia and her former captor, Count Basarab Musat, king of the vampires––and Virginia knows that one day, the boy’s father will come for him.

For the time being, the count is busy in his home country of Transylvania. There is the potential for a family disaster, and he is the only one strong enough to pick up the pieces. Even, in the midst of the drama, he feels he may be losing his passion for the kill. He hunts the streets, searching for blood to rekindle his lust for living. In the back of his mind, he considers Virginia and his son, but he cannot return to them yet.

Far away, Virginia has her own troubles. Her last night with the count left a gift: she is pregnant with another of his offspring. She is haunted by dreams of Basarab. At first, they are infused with light and love, and she believes she may be able to rekindle her relationship with the count. But soon, the dreams turn dark, and her fear returns. Virginia is being hunted, and the count may be the only monster strong enough to keep her safe.

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