Night’s Children

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Virginia has escaped her year-long imprisonment with her son, Santan. She hopes to raise him to be a good, moral man. Santan, however, is sensitive to sunlight, and he has trouble with solid food. He is the half-human, half-vampire child of Virginia and her former captor, Count Basarab Musat, king of the vampires––and Virginia knows that one day, the boy’s father will come for him.

For the time being, the count is busy in his home country of Transylvania. There is the potential for a family disaster, and he is the only one strong enough to pick up the pieces. Even, in the midst of the drama, he feels he may be losing his passion for the kill. He hunts the streets, searching for blood to rekindle his lust for living. In the back of his mind, he considers Virginia and his son, but he cannot return to them yet.

Far away, Virginia has her own troubles. Her last night with the count left a gift: she is pregnant with another of his offspring. She is haunted by dreams of Basarab. At first, they are infused with light and love, and she believes she may be able to rekindle her relationship with the count. But soon, the dreams turn dark, and her fear returns. Virginia is being hunted, and the count may be the only monster strong enough to keep her safe.

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9 reviews for Night’s Children

  1. Shannon

    As soon as I started reading Night’s Children I couldn’t put it down. Virginia’s world came to life in my mind and it was as if I could feel all of her emotions with her. I really enjoyed Night’s Gift.

  2. Tracy Bucholtz

    Excellent book. I especially love that it takes place in my hometown.

  3. Laurie Charlick

    Second book of series, starts out just as spell binding as the first book. With twists and turns that keep the reader enthralled.

  4. Beth

    An amazing story – keeps you wrapped solidly in Virginia and Basarab’s worlds, and waiting on baited breath to find out what happens in book three!!

  5. Maryanne christoff

    Ok I am soo happy to sat that the wait is over, Mary has taken me on another great adventure in Night’s children, I would say don’t get comfortable because you will always need to be watching over your shoulder, wondering who is at the door, and who would be calling, and what about Virginas children? If you really want to find out get down to your local book store and start your adventure with night’s children

  6. Stacey

    Five stars – excellent read
    Marys richly textured characters immediately draw you into their world and hold you captivated in a a fantasy of real and genuine human emotions. So fluidly you follow Virginia, as if a shadow in the room, through her fears of the world around and as the fears in her heart collide. Captivating you and leaving you wanting more ~ thankfully Mary lets us continue to follow this family through Books 2 and three: Night’s Children and Night’s return!

  7. Lorraine A. (Amazon review)

    As Mary delves deeper into the story line she has created, I found myself getting more and more absorbed into the world of Virginia and this strange family she has become an unwilling participant in. Again the cliffhanger ending has me anxiously waiting for the next book!

  8. Velma (Amazon Review)

    5.0 out of 5 stars A thrilling sequel, January 8, 2014
    Book Worm “Velma” (Ontario Canada)
    This review is from: Night’s Children: Book Two of the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy”
    I was lucky enough to purchase both of the first volumes of this trilogy together, so I could continue the adventures of Virginia and Basarab. How thrilling to find out more about Basarab’s background, his family, and the pressures that affected his relationship with Virginia. I finished this book and waited with bated breath for the concluding chapter. Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour weaves a compelling tale of love, fear, family loyalty and divided loyalties. If you like adventure with a dash of danger then this book is definitely for you.

  9. Mary Cushnie-Mansour

    Although it has been some time since I last read Night’s Children, I find myself still recalling this particular book with clarity. Children are beautiful gifts in the world. There are many facets to each child which holds especially true for Santan and Samara. Santan is a beautiful gift to his mother, Virginia, which is evident even at a young age. His vampire blood runs strong while his human tendancies show how it is possible to be in perfect harmony with one’s self. Samara is headstrong, passionate, ad determined to have “her way.” Two sibings … a chaotic world awaits.
    Jennifer Sywyk

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