Night’s Temptress, Hard Cover Edition


Hard Cover Edition

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Count Basarab Musat, his new wife Virginia, and their children, Santan and Samara, escaped the tyranny of Radu and his rogues. With danger––and Brantford––behind them, the royal vampire family have been living peacefully in Transylvania––until now.

Seventeen years have passed. Santan is a mature, wise young man, taking after his grandfather, Attila; Samara, daddy’s little girl, is a fiery temptress to be reckoned with!

The children are now of age to take the final ceremony, forever binding them into the dark vampire world. With the full transformation of his children, Basarab is almost ready to pass the crown to his son. Santan knows it’s his destiny; however, he’s hesitant, for he holds a secret in his heart that calls him away from the vampire throne. Samara, on the other hand, is determined to do whatever it takes to be the vampire ruler.

Night’s Temptress continues the story of Count Basarab Musat’s family, twisting, keeping you breathless and guessing––until a climactic ending, leaving you wanting more!

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