Night’s Vampire Trilogy Gift Set

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Now you don’t have to wait for the next volume to come out––you can purchase all three soft cover titles at once and save!

Don’t delay … you are just a click away from receiving your own personally signed copies today!

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14 reviews for Night’s Vampire Trilogy Gift Set

  1. Janessa

    I wish their were more!

  2. Wendy g

    I have read all three of the vampire trilogy and it is the best trilogy i have ever read. After the first book (i finished the first book in 2 days) and talking to you my sister and i waited patiently for the second (in three and a half days) and we were seriously going crazy waiting for the third (2 days to read, awesome) and as soon as you had a book signing we were there. It was so nice to meet you every time and want you to know we are forever fans..keep up the great job and can’t wait to see what flows from your pen next.
    Thank you, wendy

  3. Wendy

    The trilogy came to me via a relative, in a bag of many other books. I glanced at them but was never a fan of vampire stories so I started out with something else. Then I was down to Mary’s books, all else read. What the heck I decided, if nothing else they will put me to sleep I figured. WRONG…The first one took about 4 hours and I was done, and I could not wait to read on and on…..These books are very well written with a story line like no other of it’s kind in my opinion. Mary, you have made a vampire reader out of me. I await your next books with excitement. Well Done!

  4. Annie

    One of the best series I have read in a long time. I couldn’t put the books down!!!!! Would recommend highly!!

  5. Lynne

    Mary Mansour’s series is spell binding. It is a must read! Buy it today.

  6. Cheryl

    I read all 3 books in the trilogy. Saw Mary at a book signing when l picked up the first book…was hooked after that !! Could not put the books down!! Very exciting plots that kept my interest reading into the night !!!!! Books were very well written and l enjoyed them….AWESOME job Mary. When is the next one !!…Cheryl

  7. Sherry

    I’ve read all 3 books and loved them!

  8. Marlene

    Amazing trilogy! Couldn’t wait to read each of the books – a new twist on the vampire genre that is refreshing. I hope Mary continues the story – would love to know what happens to all the characters now!

  9. Mary A.

    Amazing trilogy – a must read!

  10. Vivienne

    Received the first book from my cousin in Canada – could not wait for the next two to come out! Great trilogy – new twist on the vampire genre! A must read!

  11. Barbara

    Amazing trilogy – could not wait for each book in the series to be finished!

  12. Margie

    A must read for any lover of the vampire genre – a new twist that you will really get caught up in!

  13. Sherry

    I’ve read all three books and loved them!

  14. Judi

    I enjoyed delving into the vampire world reading this great trilogy! Well done, Mary!

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