Running Away From Loneliness

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Jack, a retired police officer, decides he and Toby, his oversized orange tabby, need a holiday after their last big case, so Jack rents a lake cottage in the Kingston area.

Violet is lonely and tired of being everyone’s go-to. Having wanted to write a novel for years, she decides the only way she will be able to is to “run away.” She also rents a lake cottage not far from Kingston.

Syd has escaped from the Kingston Penitentiary and is looking for a place to hide out. Thinking the cottage he comes across might be empty, he enters, only to be confronted by Violet. He knows there is an overzealous, crooked prison guard after him, who will do everything in his power to ensure Syd isn’t delivered alive back to the prison; can this woman, who is interested in his horrific story, possibly help save his life?

Toby doesn’t want to go fishing with Jack, instead, he takes a walk along the shoreline and comes upon Violet’s cabin. His detective senses tell him something is wrong. Toby realizes right away Violet is in trouble, but how does Detective Toby get word to Jack to save his new friend?

Running Away From Loneliness takes you on exciting twists and turns as our favourite cat detective, Toby, gets down to the business of saving Violet!

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2 reviews for Running Away From Loneliness

  1. Mirella VanDerZyl

    On a rainy or snowy afternoon, find a comfortable chair , with a steaming cup of tea or coffee beside you, spend a perfectly relaxed time getting into an amazingly pleasant and entertaining book ” Running away from loneliness” by author Mary Cushnie Mansour.
    It is an interesting treat for someone special like you. I enjoyed the book greatly. Try it.

  2. Regina Jetleb

    Everyone’s favourite orange tabby, Toby, is back for another adventure in Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour’s latest release, Running Away from Loneliness.
    Readers will happily dive headlong into another heart-stopping mystery with Toby, and Jack, his affectionate, indulgent owner. Feisty, intelligent Toby is as wonderfully arrogant as ever, and with good reason. He’s got a nose for solving crimes and being in the right spot at the right time. Whether he’s crouched in trees, spying on the bad guys, or going for seconds at every meal, he’s consistently a thorn in the side of criminals, and solidly on the side of good.
    Mansour has another hit on her hands with this second ‘detective Toby” mystery.
    The main character, Violet, is a thoroughly enjoyable heroine I could easily relate to. She is older, but by no means past her prime, and extremely quick-thinking and resourceful when she comes into contact with Syd, the dangerous, escaped convict.
    I enjoyed this book immensely, and tried desperately to savour it, but ended up reading ever more quickly (in between bursts of laughing out loud at Toby’s unique take on the situations he found himself in) to reach the end and find out how Toby managed to overcome the bad guys this time.
    Running Away from Loneliness is a delightful cozy mystery sure to please….and to keep you up late, turning pages!

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